Pile recovery project

The proposal allows citizens to demonstrate their virtuosity regarding the delivery of exhausted batteries to the appropriate containers , present in the commercial islands and municipal collection platforms.

The collection bin has been designed with a new technology , to facilitate the necessary operations, both during the collection phase and during the storage of the batteries, in the disposal sites for special waste.

Main features of the service:

  • Production of a stackable PET tank, with an innovative shape affixed to the tank gives a trace during the various handling phases in the collection path
  • Easy to read through current 'Smart' technologies (smartphones, tablets, optical readers)
  • Accessible traceability (only to holders of the necessary authorizations) through a web portal that keeps information archives
  • Ease of application on the tank of various printed media, which allow the dissemination of activities and promotions
  • Possibility for the point of sale to create co-marketing operations
Inquadrami Ecology

Il tuo gesto farà diventare virtuoso il tuo comune e accumulando per te i punti, potrai generare dei benefit utilizzabili nell'acquisto dei prodotti integrati nella piattaforma INQUADRAMI